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20 - 36 months

Classes are 45 minutes long, with required parental or caregiver involvement.

We will focus on toddler's spatial and body awareness through movement exposure. The children will be exposed to creative game play and obstacle courses. Small-sized and light equipment, such as size 1 and 2 rubber grooved balls will be used to ensure that it is age appropriate and safe. 

Sessions are lively with accompanied instructions, movements, music, and lots of fun!

3 - 4 year old

Classes will aim to be 50 minutes long, with focus on development of gross and fine motor skills through sports-based activities. 

Children at this age group are encouraged to have independent interaction and learning, thus minimal parent involvement is required. We will provide a supportive and safe environment for children to move from parent-supported participation to independent learning.

Introduction of new equipment and progression of larger sized balls, such as tennis racquet and size 3 rubber ball.  

5 - 6 year old

Classes will be 50 minutes long, building on existing skills and providing opportunities to have a better understanding of the sports covered in the programme. 

Sessions will be taught at a higher pace, with more challenging and advanced activities to develop children to be competent  in all physical aspects.

Introduction of territorial and group concept games will further expose children to team settings that will enhance their social and emotional growth. Heavier equipment such as latex rubber balls will be used in opposed play settings to stimulate actual sports conditions.

6 - 12 year old

Classes for this age group will be sport specific. Sessions will be 60-80 minutes long, with a strong focus on the technical skills and tactical aspects of the sport. 

Sessions will be taught at a suitable pace, with individual drills and game-based team activities to develop the children's potential in the sport.

Introduction of competition in opposed group settings will exposed children to competitive sports conditions. 

Children will be working toward using actual game equipment such as size 4 training balls.

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