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Active Play and 

Motor Skills Development International Workshop


Accredited By:

International Association for Children's Active Play & Sports (CAPS)

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Motor Skills Learning (MSL) Programme

A proven system based on research implemented by both large and small organizations around the globe (among others by Swiss Kindersport with 154'000 participants in 2015).


Dominique Chiquet


What makes MSL different?

Who is it for?

  • The MSL programme is based on scientific research; using a modern game-based approach with activities that are wrapped in stories to engage the children.

  • MSL constantly invent new and creative games to challenge the children instead of using the same old activities.

  • The MSL programme is easy to implement, even by teachers with little or no experience and it is fun and engaging for the children.


  • Who need session planning strategies, structure and activities

  • Who want to be well prepared and more confident in their teaching/coaching

  • To improve current programmes with new and innovative activities that are fun and engaging

  • To learn children management, development training and methodology to better work with 3-7-year-olds.

Business Owners

  • For those who are seeking fundamental motor skills knowledge to teach or start your own business with 3-7-year-olds.

  • Learn how to develop and run a great PE/active play sports programme for 3-7-year-olds

  • Introduce new and different activities to your clients

MSL Games and Drills

Workshop Details

12th & 13th January 2019, 9am to 5pm Daily

SportSG Auditorium @

Sports Hub Visitors Centre Singapore

Nearest MRT Station: Stadium (Exit A)

Opposite Kallang Wave Mall

Workshop includes:

  • 2 Day Workshop and Certificate

  • Course Materials

  • Refreshments

  • One year MSL membership (U.P.$320), which gives access to MSL curriculum - Session plans for age 3 - 7 year old with new weekly videos on activities and games

  • Option to renew membership at 50% discount. 

Pay via Paypal (Credit/Debit Card) or Bank Transfer/PayNow - $365 SGD

Pay via ActiveSG Wallet - $355 SGD


Organised By

In Support of Sport Promotion

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Supporting Partner

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What will be covered in the 2-Day Workshop?

The 5 Motor Skills explained

  1. Reaction

  2. Balance 

  3. Rhythm 

  4. Orientation 

  5. Differentiation

20+ new and creative games for each skill for each age group from age 3-7

  • 20+ new and creative games for hand-eye coordination

  • 20+ new and creative games for physical activity

The pathway from motor skills to coordination to sport specific skills

  • Regressions: how to make games/drills easier

  • Progressions: how to make games/drills more challenging

  • How to design a game to force a motor skill outcome instead of doing a drill

20% Theory

80% Practical Sessions

The modern system explained

  • The aim of sports at this age

  • Why MSL and not just exercise

  • Why is motor skill development critical for an optimal entry into all sports

  • Benefits of the MSL system for children and coaches

  • Teaching according to stages of development 

  • Typical Stages of children's sports development and the importance of early movement experiences

  • Versatility for optimal learning and fun (learning the maximum amount of movement experiences using all 5 motor skills in a balanced way)

  • Balance learning & fun

  • Games based approach versus drills based approach  

  • Deliberate play and the importance of free play

  • Enriched environments & Incidental moments

  • Increasing participation and engagement through stories

  • Bigger and better brains (cognitive development) through versatile movement experiences at a young age

  • 8 Ways to promote MSL

  • Children management and session organization 

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