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  1. Development of core motor skills

  2.  Fun activities and exercises for coordination, balance, agility, turning, jumping

  3.  Safety Awareness 

  4. Character building - Confidence, self esteem

  5. Develop active lifestyle habits

  6. Introduce group concepts - Teamwork

  7. Awareness of sharing and respect

  8. Use of imagination - Play based learning

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Our classes

The VivoKids multi-sports programme consist of six sports in total. Each sport will last for 4 weeks; 3 weeks of skills acquisition and 1 week of skills revision and games. For more details on our package and fees,  please refer to Package and Fees.


The toddler class (20-36 months) will start with 3 sports (Soccer, Rugby, Basketball) and the remaining 3 sports (Floorball, Tennis, T-ball) will be introduced to them progressively once they are at the age of 3.

Children will be able to learn a wide series of fundamental movement skills through developmentally appropriate fun games and activities. Beyond reaping the physical benefits of our programme, VivoKids will also build on 'soft skills' like team work, sportsmanship, concentration and listening skills. Our sessions also cover basic shapes, counting and colour concepts which reinforce classroom learning.  The VivoKids programme complement the children's growth both socially and emotionally, which in turn improve their physiological wellbeing.

The specific fundamental movement skills and core values are listed in the tables below. 

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