At VivoKids Soccer at Tanjong Rhu, your kids will be able to learn the technical and tactical aspects of the sport in a more competitive learning environment. 

Sessions will be taught at a suitable pace, with individual drills and game-based team activities to develop your child's potential in the sport.

Introduction of competition in opposed group settings will expose children to competitive sports conditions. 

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Gardens by the bay East field

Beside Passion Wave Water Sports Center

Address: 11 Rhu Cross, Singapore 437440


5.30 - 6.45 PM


'My kids have been happy team members in VivoKids' football sessions for 2 years.  They enjoy the mix of games, practice on specific sports skills, and the chance to play with their teammates competitively.  


As a parent, I appreciate Coach Vivian on many levels.  She is enthusiastic and upbeat, joking with the children in a warm way.  She adjusts her style and the games to help kids at many different ability levels.  She pushes the children – in a positive way -  to do their best, always encouraging good sportsmanship and respect for both the game and teammates. 


My kids have improved their athletic skills through her coaching, but I most appreciate her use of sports to develop strong character.  To me, this is an ideal quality in a coach – someone who is fun and engaged, holding high expectations for kids' efforts, performance and attitude.  Coach Vivian uses sports to teach “real life” lessons not just athletics, and she is such a positive role model for my children.'

Kristin Nicholson


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