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Coming to you ONLINE with a range of play-based activities that can be completed right at home. Stay safe and have loads of fun with us!

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Check out our playbook for activities that cover....


Music & Movement

Arts & Craft




1. Is this playbook suitable for my child?

The playbook is suitable for kids 2.5 to 6YO. 

2. How does the playbook work?

It is a weekly programme for the month of April, contents of the activity plan will be released via email every Monday.

3. Can I sign up for the playbook halfway through the month? 

Yes, you can! We will email you the contents from the first two weeks upon subscription. For the subsequent weeks in April, the weekly activity booklet will be sent to your inbox every Monday. 

4. Can I still subscribe after April? 

Yes, you can! Upon subscription, we will email you the entire playbook within 24 hours. 

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