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The Cage Kallang


  • 4 to 5:30pm

Marina Bay Lawn Field


  • 5:30 to 6:30pm

SkyPark Arena @ Holland 


  • 9 to 10am



  • 3 to 4pm

Registration and Packages Fees


Registration Fee (One off): $65 

Includes personalized soccer kit:

  • Top

  • Shorts

  • Socks


Child's Name + Jersey Number (back of jersey)



  • 12 sessions at $420 ($35 per session) - Valid for 4 months

  • 24 sessions at $792 ($33 per session) - Valid for 8 months


*No sharing of packages allowed



Sibling discount:

10% OFF all fees for second sign up onwards


Classes Schedule (2).png

At VivoKicks Academy, children will be able to learn the technical and tactical aspects of the Soccer in a nurturing and fun learning environment. 

Sessions will be taught at a suitable pace, with individual drills and game-based team activities to develop your child's potential in the sport.

Introduction of competition in opposed group settings will expose the children to competitive sports conditions. 

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