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The Best Holiday Adventure Camp

Suitable for age 3.5 - 10 years old 

Join our action-packed, well-loved camp with over 20 sold-out editions! Kids can't get enough, coming back not just once or twice but thrice!

Experience a week filled with Sports, Arts and Craft, Robotics, Simple Cookery, Team Building Games, and an Amazing Race Day - loads of fun guaranteed! Our unique multi-activity camp ensures every child is engaged, with small group ratios for maximum attention. Our passionate and expert team delivers a positive, high-energy experience.

Stay updated with daily photo uploads and a weekly newsletter. Don't miss out - sign up now for a memorable camp week!

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Holiday camps


Three cheers for Vivokids! My kids loved their time at Camposaur. Their days were action packed - truly creative games, loads of fun and tons of exercise. We can't wait for the next session!

- Dora Lim
(Mum to Germaine and Jarred)
BIG thumbs-up... son thoroughly enjoyed camp! Coaches are very fun and dedicated. We love it so much we send Akshay every year!
- Prabu Raj
(Dad to Akshay)
Amazing camp! My child loved every moment. We really love the photo updates you get at the end of camp. We'll be back!
- T. Williams
(Mum to Orla)
I love that you get everything here from sports to rollerblading and cooking and lots of other activities. My kid goes to Vivo Kids sports class too. Ronald just loves Vivo Kids very much!
- Tan
(Dad to Ronald)
Holiday camps

Holiday Camps


GESS International School

2 Dairy Farm Ln, Singapore 677621

6 - 10 y/o



1 Apr - 5 Apr 2024

24 June - 28 June 2024

Mon - Fri, 830am-230pm Daily

Camp Theme: Springtime wonders


Agora Co-Learning

1 Maritime Square, Lobby C, #04-01, Singapore 099253


3 - 10 y/o



11 - 15 Mar 2024

18 - 22 Mar 2024

25 - 28 Mar 2024

1 - 5 Apr 2024 

8 - 12 Apr 2024

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM, Daily


Camp Theme: Springtime wonders



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Agora Co-Learning
Vivo Kicks Soccer Camposaur

1 Maritime Square, Lobby C, #04-01, Singapore 099253

6 - 12 y/o



11 March - 13 March 2024

Mon - Weds, 9am-12pm Daily


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any discounts for camp?
A: A 5% discount for 2 or more orders in the same purchase, applicable for a full week camp only. PRR and Tayo members and current GESS students also get discounts for signing up for camps at their respective venues. Email us at to redeem your promo code. 

Q: What is the coach-to-children ratio?
A: For 3 - 5.5 y/o, the ratio is 1 coach to 5 children. For 6 - 10 y/o, the ratio is 1 coach to 7 children. 

Q: What are the camp activities? Do you have a camp schedule
A: Camp activities and schedule for the respective camps can be found above, click on "Register Now" for more details. Do note that camp activities and the schedule listed are just a guide, actual activities are subjected to changes.

Q: Can my child choose what activities to do?
A: All the activities are fixed, and the children are encouraged to participate in all the activities planned for a holistic Camposaur experience. Exceptions can be made in the event they have any medical conditions that may affect their well-being like asthma, or any physical injuries (e.g. sprained ankle, fractured arm etc.). Do let us know via email at if your child requires any exceptions.

Q: What items do I need to pack for my child for camp?
A: Do pack a water bottle, an extra set of clothes and snacks for your child. Other optional items include a small towel, masks, sunblock, and insect repellent. Each camp also has a specific packing list that would be sent out to parents the week before camp. 

Q: Are snacks provided?
A: Snacks such as biscuits are provided for the children. They are also encouraged to pack their own snacks, especially if they have food allergies or snack preferences. 


Q: What happens if my child falls ill? Is there a refund?

A: No refunds will be provided, but you can retain the credits for use in future camps


Q: Can I sign up for 1 day/ pro-rated days?

A: We accept pro-rated sign-ups subjected to availability. Do email us at to find out more. Do note that priority camp slots go to full week camp sign-ups.


Q: Must my child wear the camp T-shirt daily?

A: Every child is assigned to a colour/group, and they are given a specific coloured shirt on the first day of camp. We encourage every camper to wear the camp t-shirt daily as a sense of belonging and team bonding with their respective team. Otherwise, they can wear a top of a similar colour for days when their camp shirt is not worn.  

Q: Can I purchase additional camp T-shirts?

A: Yes, you may purchase them at $10 each. Do let the coaches know you wish to purchase extra T-shirts.


Q: - Can my helper or I stay around during the camp and accompany my child?

A: Parents and helpers are encouraged to only drop off and pick up their children. This ensures that your child gets a full Camposaur experience with other children and coaches. Camposaur is all about fun, adventure and exploration! We want your child to learn how to be independent, bond with others, and explore beyond their comfort zone! Parents or helpers are welcome to follow up with our coaches about your child during daily pick-ups. We provide daily photo updates by 630PM, and a newsletter at the end of the camp to update you on what the children have done at Camposaur.


Q: Will I receive any updates or photos of my child in camp?

A: Yes, you can view the photos taken during camp daily via the Google Drive link. A newsletter with camp highlights will also be sent the week after camp. 

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