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At Vivo Kids, we are dedicated to providing high-quality sports curriculum services for preschools around the globe. Our comprehensive programs are designed to nurture young athletes and promote a love for sports from an early age. With our extensive expertise in the field, we offer tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each school we collaborate with.

Our Services

Tailored Curriculum Development

Custom sports curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of your school, focusing on motor skill development and cultivating a passion for sports in young children.

Customised Equipment

Access to specialized sports equipment tailored for preschoolers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Professional Training for Educators

Comprehensive programs equipping educators with effective tools and techniques for delivering engaging sports education.

Progress Tracking and Assessment Tools

Efficient tools to monitor each child's progress, enabling schools to measure the curriculum's effectiveness and identify areas for improvement

Engaging Demo Classes

 Showcasing our innovative teaching methods and the positive impact on preschoolers, providing a firsthand experience for both children and educators.

Regular Consultation and Support

Ongoing support to seamlessly integrate the sports curriculum within your school's framework, dedicated to fostering a love for sports among preschoolers.

Get in Touch

If you're a school outside of Singapore interested in integrating our sports curriculum services, our dedicated team provides international support, including on-site training and tailored demo classes. Feel free to contact us via our website's contact form. We look forward to collaborating with you and making a positive impact on the sporting development of the children in your school.

We can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!

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