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Your Child, the Literati


Inspired by the best children’s literature, our literacy program aims to provide a fun approach to cater to every child’s unique learning style.


Explore a new book every week through singing, dancing, reading, speaking, drawing, writing, moving and games. Set a foundation for reading and writing through fun, movement, and play.

Why VivoLit?


Small Group



Multi-Sensory/Movement Based Learning


Complimentary assessment for us to better understand and meet your child’s needs


Parent updates after every session

(4 and 5 year olds)

Here we will cover fundamental concepts of writing and reading. We go through letter sounds, letter formations, build phonological and phonemic awareness, play with rhymes, build speaking, listening and comprehension skills and many more age and stage appropriate objectives.

(6 and 7 year olds)

Here we build your child’s confidence to experiment with reading and writing. We cover grammar rules with more depth, learn comprehension strategies such as predicting, questioning, contextualising, build an arsenal of high frequency words, sharpen storytelling and presentation skills amongst other age and stage appropriate objectives. It’s Book Week every week at VivoLit. We aim to get the children “Big School Ready” through the progression of our classes. Fall in love with books and get inspired to create your own stories!


Your child will barely sit the entire hour. He/she will:

1)    need to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

2)    definitely need several water breaks.

3)    need to interact with other children in class.

4)    be expected to sing, dance, act, run, jump, dance, act silly and play

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